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Let's start with one of my favourite photos of Jensen shall we?

All about me;
Welcome to my humble assault on the common place. I use my LJ to connect with my friends on the WWW. I run both jensen_daily and whitecollar_art. I am also one of the moderators at wcnewsletter. I love to read a lot and my favourite genres are scifi and fantasy. Raymond E Feist and Katherine Kurtz are two of my favourite authors. Music is another one of my passions. My musical interests is wide ranging and ecclectic from singer song writers to jazz to rock, to heavy metal to popular music with an added twist of classical music. I love photgraphy and the creativity that comes with Photoshop.

White Collar, StargateSG1, Stargate Atlantis, Suits, Leverage and X Files. I totally love Matthew Bomer and Tim DeKay for being the gracious gentlemen that they are and for being such wonderful actors. I have respect for Michael Shanks who played Dr Daniel Jackson ever since Stargate SG1 started life as a tv series and adore Jensen Ackles who is one of the formidable actors starring in Supernatural.

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